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Is there a perfect routine?

It's 4:30 am.

As I navigated downstairs into my kitchen, I grabbed the 16oz glass of water. A memory hits my mind's eye with a Jocko Willink post saying, "you have been warned." With a picture of his TimeX Ironman Triathlon watch screen saying 4:33 am.

I finally beat him—time to hit the gym.

With social media, routine has become not just a word but a culture. There are many different philosophies, but in this culture, the central theme is the morning.

What's your morning routine?

This question is very familiar because you absolutely 1000% must have a routine in sports. It's not up for debate. If you want to be consistently successful, you have to be willing to set parameters.

In a recent email to our clients, I referenced Michael Phelps. I mentioned his pre-race routine. If you want to listen to a podcast that references this routine. Listen to it here (start at 26:06)

But, what made me think was, is there a perfect routine?

If I did what Michael Phelps did, would I be an elite athlete?

If I woke up at 4:30 am every morning, could I be one of the most intimidating men on the planet like Jocko Willink?

I lean towards no, but this is a big BUT; There is an underlying theme, whether waking up early or being systematic in your routine before a big event. And that's discipline.

Having the discipline to accomplish the task before your day starts. This can be reading 10 pages, drinking a glass of water, working out, or even jumping into a cold plunge.

As a former baseball player, I didn't get good until I had my routine. It's something that has stayed with me until today. Am I perfect with it, no. But it's my map. It sets my day in motion. I'm always tinkering with it to squeeze every ounce of juice in the day. I want to share my map and hopefully, there's a nugget in there for you.

HS Winter Routine: (focus on getting bigger, stronger, and have more power)

*looking back my primary goal was to gain more weight- the routine was nutrition focused and add more of the right calories

6:00am Wake-up

6:10am Make Breakfast, eat, shower

7:00am Head to school (40 minute drive)

7:40am Touch up on notes, visit a teacher, talk to friends

8:00am First Class

8:30am First snack (protein based)

9:30am Second Class

10:30am Second snack (protein based)

11:00am Third Class

12:30pm Lunch

1:00pm Fourth Class

2:30pm Third snack (carb based)

2:45pm Speed workout

3:30pm Strength and Power workout

4:45pm Skill training

5:45pm Drive home (40 minute drive)

6:45pm Dinner with family

7:30-10:00pm Homework

College Winter Routine:

*looking back I was focused on developing my skill sets- specifically my ability to switch hit

6:00am Wake-up

6:15am Workout

7:15am Make breakfast, eat, shower

9:00am Class 1

10:00am Class 2

11:00am Head to the clubhouse

11:15am Hitting

12:00pm Lunch

12:30pm Class 3

1:30pm Head to the clubhouse

2:00pm Individual and Team practice

4:30pm Team weight lifting

5:30pm Hit on my own

7:00pm Dinner

Current Routine

4:45am-5:00am Wake-up

5:00am Make coffee, drink 16oz of water

5:15am Read 10 page in a book and take notes

6:00am Workout

7:00am Make Breakfast, Eat, Shower

8:30am Leave for work

6:00pm-7:00pm Finish up work

7:00-9:00pm Dinner/Free time

9:30pm Sleep